established since 1966

Hon Nam Lee have been manufacturing and retailing furniture for more than 50 years. It is this backbone of furniture making which enables Hon Nam Lee to undertake a diverse range of businesses. That includes all kinds of Carpentry and Cabinet work and Design and Renovation.

Over the years we have grown from a small retailing shop to a current 3 storey factory with an area of 5000m2 and we are equipped with the latest technology machineries.

Best carpenters in Singapore

Hon Nam Lee, who is known as one of the best carpenters in Singapore since it was established in 1966, has been making high-quality wooden furniture masterfully. We are pioneers in this industry specializing both in traditional skills and modern designs, resulting in excellent workmanship and timeless style reflected on each piece. Hon Nam Lee is famous for being Singapore’s leading carpenters of luxury furniture; on the other, they are also recognized for creating individualized solutions specifically suited to a client’s needs regarding space provision. This type of customized service allows customers to be part of every step involved starting from timber selection up to finishing hence making each item special and very unique. Whether it’s building household items like beds and cupboards or commercial giants including conference tables and reception counters, no other group can outperform them due to their ability to perform different tasks. Furthermore, sustainability runs through everything they do. Hon Nam Lee relies on sustainable wood supplies and eco-friendly policies so that future generations can benefit from what they do without causing harm to the environment around them. Therefore, due to superior skillsets, customer-focused services together with ethical practices that blend into each other perfectly make Hon Nam Lee an embodiment of great woodwork within Singapore.


We have a team of experience designers and skillful carpenters to provide our clients to outmost design, quality and workmanship, furniture and renovation works to meet our client’s requirements for their dream home.


In the year 2000, we imported a fully automated machinery to manufacture high quality finishes long strips recycle timber floor.

Why Recycle?

Many people enjoy using tropical hardwoods as garden furniture and parquet floors, but few consumers make the link with global warming.

But the link is there, because some products are made of timber from areas like the Amazon and Southeast Asia that contain vast quantities of trees that absorb carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, but where the overall number of trees is diminishing under pressure from unscrupulous loggers.

our innovative product

As a company not only we are constantly looking for opportunity and growth but we also see the need to play our part in preventing rainforest vanishing and reduce global warming. With that mission in mind, for the past years we have been looking into ways and experimenting on how to turn off - cut teak wood into usable wood products.

Finally in 2008, we have successfully developed our innovative product – recycle Laminated Teak Solid Wood. With this new innovation, we hope to help in reducing tropical deforestation by offering an eco-friendly laminated teak solid wood as an alternative to solid wood. Thus more trees that would otherwise be cut for the increase demand of solid wood will be saved. Less wood waste will be sent to incineration plants for incineration, thus reduce the smoke emitted from the incineration plants which can increase the Earth's temperature and caused global warming.

By Practicing 3R - reduce, reuse and recycle

And also by practicing 3R, reduce, reuse and recycle, Hon Nam Lee are able to reduce wood waste-off-cut teak wood, reuse - turn them into usable laminated teak solid wood and finally recycle - to use again.

Attained Green Label Certification on our HNL Eco Products Range.

Save the climate by saving the forests.